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Elevate your SME with our carbon accounting platform. Streamline tracking, reduce your footprint, and embrace a greener future using innovative tools and expert guidance.

Vivid SME Carbon Calculator

Our platform introduces a Carbon Calculator tailor-made for SMEs, enabling precise carbon emission assessments. This vital tool empowers businesses to understand and reduce their environmental footprint, showcasing their dedication to sustainability. Ideal for SMEs aiming to transparently share their green efforts and emission reduction milestones with stakeholders, customers, and investors, our Carbon Calculator fosters an eco-conscious business environment.

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Carbon Emission Calculations: Scope 1, 2, and 3

Explore our platform's capabilities in offering detailed calculations of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Understand your SME's complete carbon footprint, embracing transparency and accountability in your sustainability journey

Scope 1

The Direct Contributors

Directly emitted from business operations, Scope 1 includes on-site fossil fuel combustion and company vehicles. These emissions, from direct company activities, encompass both stationary and mobile sources.

Scope 3

Value Chain Implications

Other indirect emissions across a company's entire value chain. This includes all upstream and downstream activities, involving suppliers and customers, and represents the full lifecycle of products and services, requiring extensive supply chain collaboration.

Scope 2

Indirect Energy Emissions

Indirect emissions from energy sources such as electricity, steam, heating, and cooling. These emissions result from the energy a company consumes.